American Wisteria

Wisteria frutescens 'Amethyst Falls' Fabaceae

Growth habit

Vine, Climber


Long-lived polycarpic perennial


Groundcover Collection

Source of plant

Digging Dog Nursery, Fairweather Gardens


Flowers gracefully cascade in opulent 2 to 4" compact racemes amid shiny bronze-tinged new growth. The fragrant, pealike, vivid lavender-hued flowers unfurl some two weeks earlier than their Asian relatives and if lightly pruned will produce a summer encore. A slew of twining stems and airy pinnate foliage composed of green oval-shaped leaflets can be trained up a pergola or a trellis and as a free-standing tree form. An improved selection of American Wisteria, this noninvasive, award winning cultivar exhibits an easily controlled less aggressive habit, which withstands deer, most diseases and some drought, doesn’t fuss about soil fertility and relishes good drainage. Blooms late April – May & September. 20'–25' high & spreading.

USDA Hardiness Zone