Buttercup Winterhazel

Corylopsis pauciflora Hamamelidaceae

Growth habit



Long-lived polycarpic perennial

Native distribution

Japan & Taiwan


Zucker Shrub Collection

Source of plant

RareFIND Nursery, Princeton Nurseries, Cornell Botanic Gardens


Shrub reaching 3m in height; young shoots glabrous; leaves to 6.5cm long, the base more or less cordate, bright green above, glaucous beneath, veins to 9 pairs, petioles to 1.5cm. Inflorescence 3cm long, 1cm wide, flowers 1-5, large, open, fragrant, borne in early spring; inflorescence bracts red, pale green within, floral bracts glabrous to glossy-downy; sepals 2mm, petals primrose yellow, to 8mm, oblong-obovate, nectaries simple, shorter than the sepals; anthers light yellow, filaments white, style yellow. Fruit glabrous, 6-8mm in diameter.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics

fragrance, flowering season