Chinese Spruce

Picea likiangensis var. rubescens Pinaceae

Growth habit



Long-lived polycarpic perennial

Native distribution

Mts, S. Quinghai, S Sichuan E Xizang


Conifer Slope

Source of plant

Iseli Nursery


Trees to 50m tall; trunk to 2.5m dbh; bark dull gray or brown-gray, breaking into thick, irregular plates; crown pyramidal; first year branchlets stout, with short nodes, densely pubescent. Winter buds brown, conical, ovoid, or globose, resinous, scales not reflexed, or slightly opening at base of branchlets. Leaves directed forward on upper side of branchlets, spreading on lower side, linear, straight or slightly curved, +/- broadly rhombic in cross section or subflattened, 0.6-1.5cm x 1-1.5mm, stomatal lines 3 or 4 along each surface abaxially, apex acute or obtuse. Seed cones red-brown or black-purple, maturing brown to reddish or black-brown, purple, ovoid-oblong or ovoid-cylindric, 4-9cm. Seeds gray-brown. Pollination April-May, seed maturity Sept-Oct.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics

timber, winter interest