Coronation Gold Yarrow

Achillea 'Coronation Gold' Asteraceae

Growth habit



Long-lived polycarpic perennial


Young Flower Garden

Source of plant

Cayuga Landscape Company, Bluestone Perennials


'Coronation Gold' is an upright, clump-forming hybrid yarrow which is noted for its deeply-dissected, fern-like, aromatic, silvery to gray-green foliage and its tiny, long-lasting, bright mustard-yellow flowers which appear in dense, flattened, plate-like, compound corymbs (to 4" across) throughout the summer on stiff, erect stems typically rising 2-3' tall. Foliage has a strong, somewhat spicy aroma which persists when used in dried arrangements. Generally considered to be a cross between A. filipendulina and A. clypeolata. Foliage resembles that of the A. filipendulina (fern-leaf yarrow) parent, but plants are more compact.

USDA Hardiness Zone