Flowering Cherry

Prunus 'Dream Catcher' Rosaceae

Growth habit





Cornell Class of 1923 Flowering Tree Collection, Treman Woodland Walk

Source of plant

Arborvillage Farm Nursery, Forestfarm Nursery, Schmidt & Son Co.


Plants reach 25' in height and width with upright-spreading branches and high quality dark green summer foliage that turns a good orange to reddish-purple in fall. Flowers are light pink, borne early in the spring about one week after its parent 'Okame'. Donald Egolf selected several seedlings initially; later, after further evaluation one seedling was named and officially relased by Dr. Margaret Pooler in May 1999. A selection of the flowering cherry genetic improvement program at the U.S. National Arboretum. NA 61050 and PI 583787. Incredible in flower - much darker pink than subhirtella and the color carries a long distance.

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Special characteristics

fall color