Italian Arum

Arum italicum flecked and spotted Araceae

Growth habit


Native distribution

S & W Europe, From Canary Islands to Cyprus, North to S. England


Groundcover Collection

Source of plant

Seneca Hill Perennials


Variable. Tuber horizontal, 5cm long. Leaves 15-35cm, emerging in autumn or early winter, sagittate to hastate, glossy dark green with various markings; petiole 15-40cm, shallowly grooved above. Peduncle to half length of, or occasionally subequal to, petioles; spathe 15-40cm, tube oblong-cylindric, 5cm, white within, limb erect, becoming cucullate, green-yellow, occasionally white, margins purple; spadix one-third to half length spathe, appendix stipitate, stout, yellow. Infructescence to 15cm, berries orange-red, very conspicuous. Late spring-early summer.

USDA Hardiness Zone