Koyama's Spruce

Picea koyamae Pinaceae

Growth habit



Long-lived polycarpic perennial

Native distribution

Japan; Central Honshu


Conifer Slope

Source of plant

Greer Gardens, Sheffield's Seed Col Inc., Instutute of Ecosystem Studies, Fairweather Gardens


Tree 18 to 20m in its habitat, trunk to 50 cm in diameter, narrowly conical crown, bark gray-brown, lightly furrowed, exfoliating in paper thin oblong pieces, branches dense and spreading horizontally, tips ascending. In The New Plantsman Vol. 8(3) p.183 see: "This species is sometimes said to be confined to Mt. Yatsuga in Japan, but others have pointed to the existence of two other taxa from Korea, northeastern China and Ussuri, which are at the very least closely related, and in the opinion of some, conspecific.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics

rarity, winter interest