Lacecap Hydrangea

Hydrangea arborescens 'Ryan Gainey' Saxifragaceae

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Zucker Shrub Collection

Source of plant

Wayside Gardens, Rarefind Nursery


Named for garden expert Ryan Gainey, this is a vigorous white lacecap with abundant blooms, a superior growth habit, and dense foliage coverage. A hybrid of H. arborescens and H. grandiflora, 'Ryan Gainey' offers a long season of large, airy white flowers. At the height of bloomtime, these flowers nearly obscure the foliage, reaching down to the ground. They make fabulous cut flowers in fresh and dried indoor arrangements. The foliage is exceptional as well. Long, serrated, and bright green, it is more lush than on most Hydrangeas, thanks to excellent branching. Even after the blooms pass, this shrub will look full and plump. Fast-growing and very tolerant of stress, it stands 3 to 4' high and about 3' wide, with a mounded habit.

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