Lady's Mantle

Alchemilla xanthochlora Rosaceae

Growth habit


Native distribution

Western and Central Europe

Biocultural value

In Europe the highly astringent leaves and flowers have been prepared into gynecological herbal remedies for centuries.


Robison Herb Garden

Source of plant

Well-Sweep Herb Farm


Medium sized, up to 50 cm, usually robust, often yellowish-green. Leaves reniform to orbicular-reniform, glabrous above or rarely with sparse hairs in the folds; lobes 9-11, rounded with rather wide, acute, subequal teeth. Lower surface of leaf, petioles and stems up to the infloresence branches withdense, patent or (especially on petioles and lower internodes) erecto-patent hairs. Pedicels andhypanthium usually glabrous or nearly so. Flowers 2.5-3 mm wide, with hypanthium c.2 mm.

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Special characteristics