Lesser Flowering Quince

Chaenomeles japonica 'Sargentii' Rosaceae

Other names

Japanese Flowering Quince

Growth habit




Native distribution



Zucker Shrub Collection

Source of plant

Arborvillage Farm Nursery


A dwarf japonica with brick red flowers. 18"x18" in 5 years. (DS689). The following descriptions are for the species. Dwarf shrub reaching 3' to 4' in height with widely spreading branches, and short, slender spines; young shoots scabrous-tomentose; leaves obovate to spatulate, glabrous, coarsely crenate, 1" to 2" long; flowers usually salmon to orange, 1" to 1 1/4" in diameter; fruit like small gnarled apples, to 1 1/2" in diameter (DS 3). Plants form an interlacing network of thorny stems in a wide-spreading, usually 2' to 3' tall framework. Flowers orange-red or blood-red, 1 1/2" across, borne on year-old wood in early to mid-April. Fruit a greenish-yellow, fragrant, 1 1/2" diameter pome, effective in late September into October. Not as ornamental as C. speciosa. A ratty shrub whose use should be tempered by astute judgement (DS 9).

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