Rhododendron 'Dora Amateis' Ericaceae

Growth habit

Dwarf Shrub


Long-lived polycarpic perennial


Comstock Knoll and Rhododendron Collection

Source of plant

La Bar's Rhododendron Nursery, Kellygreen Rhododendron Nursery


To 3', hardy to -15 degrees F., early-midseason blooming, A.R.S. rating 4/4/4. White flowers lightly spotted green, about 2" across, in clusters of 3-6. Floriferous. Plant vigorous, twice as wide as high; foliage dense, deep green with bronze highlights if grown in full sun, and aromatic. (Edmond Amateis, 1955). Award of Excellence (A.R.S.) no date; P.C. A.R.S. 1972; Award of Merit R.H.S. 1976; First Class Certificate R.H.S. 1981.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics

winter interest