Rough-Stemmed Goldenrod

Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks' Asteraceae

Growth habit




Biocultural value

Flowers make bright yellow and deep gold fabric dyes.


Bioswale Garden, Robison Herb Garden, Hillside Garden

Source of plant

Kurt Bluemel Inc., Bluestone Perennials, North Creek Nurseries, John Filkins, Baker's Acres


Clump-forming rather than stoloniferous, reaching 3'-4' in height, producing a compact mound of graceful arching branches. The golden-yellow flowers are effective in autumn. Discovered in its typical wet coastal savannah habitat by Ken Moore of the North Carolina Botanical Garden in 1970, the original plant was relocated to the Botanical Garden and placed in the native plant display. The Botanical Garden asked Niche Gardens to begin propagating this plant in 1992 for introduction in 1993. At Plantations this plant has proven to have a weakly rhizomatous habit.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics

growth habit, other ethnobotanical uses