Salad Burnet

Sanguisorba minor Rosaceae

Other names

Burnet, Garden Burnet

Growth habit



Short-lived perennial

Native distribution

Europe, Asia, N. Africa, Canary Islands

Biocultural value

Cucumber-flavored leaves are refreshing in salads and sandwiches.


Robison Herb Garden

Source of plant

Richters, Sunnybrook Farms Nursery, Baker's Acres


Somewhat glaucous perennial reaching 6" to 18" in height, glabrous except for some long hairs towards the base of the plant. Basal leaves pinnate, leaflets in 4 to 12 pairs, 3/16" to 3/4" long, rounded to elliptic,serrate, cauline leaves few, reduced. Flower heads globose, to 1/2" in diameter, green or purplish tinged; lower flowers male, middle flowers bisexual, upper flowers female; calyx tube in fruit with 4 entireridges, the surfaces between them with fine raised reticulations.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics