Sargent Cherry

Prunus sargentii Rosaceae

Growth habit


Native distribution

Northern Japan, Sakhalin, and Korea


Sculpture Garden, Nevin Welcome Center

Source of plant

Horticultural Associates, Arnold Arboretum, Princeton Nurseries, Forestfarm Nursery


Plants 40' to 50' tall and wide. Foliage reddish-tinged as it emerges, shiny dark green in summer, assuming bronze or red tones in the fall. Flowers single, pink, 1 1/5" to 1 3/5" across borne in late April to early May in 2- to 6-flowered sessile umbels. Fruit a 2/5" long purple-black drupe which ripens in June and July. Bark a rich polished reddish to chestnut brown.

USDA Hardiness Zone


Special characteristics

bark, winter interest