Small Flowered Magnolia

Magnolia sieboldii Magnoliaceae

Other names

Oyama Magnolia

Growth habit



Long-lived polycarpic perennial

Native distribution

Manchuria, Korea, Southern China, and Southern Japan


Jackson Grove, Comstock Knoll and Rhododendron Collection

Source of plant

Heronswood, Klyn Nurseries, Highland Botanical Park, Edward Cope, Morton Arboretum, Fairweather Gardens


Deciduous tree or shrub reaching 20' in height with light gray bark. Leaves obovate or elliptic, 2"-6" long and 2"-4" wide with an acute apex and cuneate or rounded base, the upper surface dark green, the lower light green with yellowish pubescence. Flowers white, fragrant, saucer-shaped, nodding or pendent with 9-12 obovate tepals; stamens showy magenta; outer seed coats bright red.

USDA Hardiness Zone