Smooth Hydrangea

Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' Saxifragaceae

Other names

Hills-Of-Snow Hydrangea

Growth habit





Zucker Shrub Collection

Source of plant

Plantasia, Cayuga Landscape Company, Edgewood Nursery


Corymbs extremely large (to 1' across); blooms 10-14 days later than 'Grandiflora'; flower heads are more erect on the stem and with a more nearly symmetrical radius, and are usually larger in total diameter than those of 'Grandiflora' grown under the same conditions (DS 9). According to Warren F. Broderick in NYFA Newsletter 12(3) this was originally found in the wild near Anna, Illinois and was named 'Annabelle' but since it corresponds to a described wild form it should be called H. arborescens f. sterilis (Torrey & Gray) St. John, when found in the wild (DS 664).

USDA Hardiness Zone