Cornell Botanic Gardens | The Waterfalls of Fall Creek with Dan McClure Cornell Project Manager and Gorge Historian from Cornell Botanic Gardens on Vimeo.

As a student and returning graduate, you looked down on Triphammer Falls From above. Now, Dan McClure, gorge historian, takes you to a restricted area at the bottom of Fall Creek Gorge, where Devonian-age siltstone walls tower more than 100 feet above.

Dan first leads us along the waterfalls of Fall Creek, beginning at Ithaca Falls and climbing to the Cornell University campus. Once there, we learn about the natural history of Fall Creek and how its power was harnessed for industry. One remnant of that history remains with us today—the Triphammer. Dan shows this Learn about this 19th-century industrial tool and explains why it stands today as the name of a waterfall, bridge, and road.