By Sarah Fiorello

Cornell Botanic Gardens reaches audiences worldwide through its outreach offerings.
Help us engage with others to create knowledge and impact.

With Your Support, Cornell Botanic Gardens Will:

  • Create new gardens such as the Asian Summer Garden, Beebe Lake North Gateway and Plants from the African diaspora to enhance the experience of students and engage and inspire alumni and visitors
  • Forge and nurture partnerships with native cultures to authentically interpret their relationships with plants and the natural environment and promote their language and customs
  • Support programs, exhibitions, garden tours, lecture series, other educational programs, and communications aimed at youth and adults in both the local community and online for the world.
  • Enhance gardens, trails, and gorges with new signage and interpretation to more effectively engage and educate visitors from across the world about biocultural conservation and diverse natural environments, and to better connect the larger Cornell and Ithaca communities to the gardens