By Sarah Fiorello

Cornell Botanic Gardens catalyzes the intellectual resources of Cornell University to address critical issues such as global sustainability and connection to the plants that are integral to the world’s many cultures. The Botanic Gardens serves as a biocultural conservation hub, bridging disciplines so that students and faculty can create and share pioneering solutions and best practices with professionals and members of the public.
Help us tackle the great issues of our age, from theory to practice and back.

With Your Support, Cornell Botanic Gardens Will:

  • Endow positions to expand Cornell Botanic Gardens’ core work in research, conservation, education, and outreach to become a 21st century source for solutions
    – Director of Natural Areas
    – Natural Area Stewards
    – Curators of Horticulture
  • Provide support for Cornell Botanic Gardens Faculty Fellows, whose research and teaching involve biocultural diversity and conservation, as well as for students who utilize the Botanic Gardens’ resources as part of their research
  • Provide endowments to ensure the continued maintenance of treasured spaces including the Beebe Lake, the Bioswale, the Groundcover Collection, the Climate Change Demonstration Garden, and the Native Wildflower Streambank Garden to ensure these living laboratories are available to many generations of future students
  • Test and evaluate nature-based solutions for resilient conservation and gardening strategies to share and inspire others to counteract climate change
  • Create and maintain collections to protect and conserve endangered plants through seed banking, propagation and replanting
  • Strengthen partnerships with programs such as Nature Rx, Cornell Outdoor Education, Cornell Outing Club, and Cornell Health to enable students and faculty to improve their physical and mental health by interacting with nature