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Cascadilla Gorge was originally preserved and donated to Cornell University by Robert H. Treman in 1909 to support public use, education, and enjoyment. The Cascadilla Gorge Trail system, initially constructed between 1928 -1931, ascends 400 feet in elevation between Lynn Street and Hoy Road, and currently totals 7,800 feet in length. Cornell Botanic Gardens manages Cascadilla Gorge, and is committed to protecting the natural area, providing ongoing educational use, and supporting safe public recreation and enjoyment of the gorge.

View a 1915 report on the development of Fall Creek and Cascadilla Gorges (3.5M).

Through funding provided by Cornell University, Cornell Botanic Gardens and FEMA the Cascadilla Gorge trail was closed for five years for restoration  and reopened in 2014. Improvements include a realigned and elevated trail, the removal of invasive trees and shrubs, repair of retaining walls, a custom build gate, repair and construction of safety infrastructure such as railings, stair repairs, removal of debris, slope stability, and new storm water systems to carry water under trail sections.