By Jay Potter

As campus life resumes under altered circumstances, nature is undeterred, gently moving through its natural cycles of growth, maturity, slumber, and rebirth, and offering a healing, steadying presence during uncertain times.

Cornell Botanic Gardens invites you to center yourself in the outdoor beauty of Cornell—just steps away if you are on campus, and a few clicks away if you are not. The cultivated gardens around the Nevin Welcome Center wear the clothes of late summer, with herbs and vegetables at their peak. Natural areas like Beebe Lake provide a shady refuge, while the F.R. Newman Arboretum invites us to savor the last warm days and anticipate the bright fall colors ahead.


Pickling for a better world

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Cultural Connection

Hydrangeas: Stars of late summer

While undeniably beautiful, the symbolic meaning of hydrangea varies considerably among different cultures.

Natural Area

The Wonder of Native Pollinator Plants

View this short video with Krissy Boys, native plant specialist, to learn about beautiful native plants and how they nurture pollinator insects and wildlife.