By Jay Potter

An old-fashioned craft offers a modern solution for reducing climate impact—pickling. In this video, Bobbie Kuhlman, horticulturist and curator of the Pounder Vegetable Garden, talks about picking as a sustainable practice for reducing food waste and the greenhouse gas emissions that go with it.

Bobbie shows some of the beautiful pickling vegetables growing in the garden, as well as examples of colorful home pickling projects. In summer 2020, the Pounder Vegetable Garden demonstrates several gardening and home practices that help individuals and families reduce their carbon footprint.

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Click through educational panels to explore practices like pickling, eating high-protein plants, and companion planning that reduce climate impact and result in more prolific gardens.

Pickle for Sustainability

Reduce food waste by pickling for longer storage.

Eat a Plant-rich Diet

Replace meat and dairy with high-protein plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Practice Companion Planting

Pair plants that provide benefits to you and the environment.