This vegetable garden showcases ways to garden in earth-friendly and home-friendly ways and displays easy-to-grow vegetable varieties, perennial fruits and vegetables, and ornamental edibles. Throughout the garden, plants that attract insects for pollination and natural pest control, and that improve soil health are featured. Several beds are dedicated to demonstrations such as vertical gardening for small spaces, garden art, and Cornell University research.

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Climage Change Demonstration Garden

Observe plants growing outside in today’s climate conditions and in a high tunnel under predicted future climate conditions.

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History Happened Here

The shed next to the Pounder garden is where Nobel Prize-winning plant geneticist Barbara McClintock performed field work as a Cornell graduate student in the 1920s.

Sustainability Here and at Home

Sustainable gardening and landscape practices are showcased in this garden and throughout Cornell Botanic Gardens. Learn more about our commitment to resource conservation and how you can apply these practices at home.

Sustainability at Home 

Tips for gardening sustainably and where they are showcased at Cornell Botanic Gardens.

Practice Integrated Pest Management

Minimize the use of chemical pesticides.

Green Building and Infrastructure

We employ green infrastructure—a practice of integrating natural systems into the built environment.

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