By Jay Potter

Cornell Botanic Gardens is excited to welcome students back to campus. We invite you to come see our Botanic Buzzline – a flowering pathway that connects people and pollinators to plants – and so much more!

Co-created with students, the Botanic Buzzline extends from our Kienzle Overlook garden (across from the Dairy Bar) and flows and flowers downhill, providing food for a wide range of pollinators. It contains more than 45 native or naturalized plant varieties that serve a dual function for pollinators—they provide food in the form of pollen and nectar, and rest stops for insects during their travels.

Presently, habitat destruction and industrial development pose serious issues for pollinators because they make it harder for them to get from flower to flower without running out of energy. Pathways such as ours help remedy this problem by providing a road which pollinators can take to safely navigate from one flowering site to another, without running out of food along the way.

Learn more about protecting pollinators and how students at Cornell helped make this Buzzline a reality.