By Sarah Fiorello

This iconic iron bell rings out across the F. R. Newman Arboretum from Newman Overlook, one of the highest points on Cornell’s campus, when struck by visitors.

A popular destination for all visitors, Newman Overlook provides a bird’s-eye view of both the arboretum and beyond. All Cornell students are encouraged to visit and ring the bell, which is on the popular list of “161 Things Every Cornelian Should Do Before Graduation.”

The bell was donated by Martha O’Haus and Jay Hyman ’55 VET 57.

More art in the Arboretum

Goldsworthy Holocaust Memorial

The Garden of Stones symbolize the tenacity of life, honoring those who died in the Holocaust and those who survived.

Sculpture Garden

These abstract, ten-ton concrete sculptures were created in the 1960s by Cornell undergraduate architecture students.

Lightwave Bench

Created by two Cornell graduates, "Lightwave" is a sculptural bench located near the ponds in the F. R. Newman Arboretum.