By Sarah Fiorello

In 2016, staff Arborists had to remove the iconic northern catalpa tree from the Young Flower Garden. The Cornell Botanic Gardens Arts Committee took the opportunity to create beauty from what could be left of the tree by suspending a wind chime within a window cut in its trunk.

The garden’s curator, Mitja Stragapede, knew the large catalpa’s removal would greatly change the garden’s character and advocated for leaving a portion of it to transform into something beautiful. After staff Arborists Lee Dean and Daniel Weitoish were able to leave a 9 foot high section of the trunk when they removed the tree, the Cornell Botanic Gardens Arts Committee determined that cutting a window into the remaining part of the trunk and hanging a wind chime was a simple and elegant solution.

“A window invites a view to be reflective,” said staff Graphic Designer Jay Potter, who selected a wind chime with a tranquil tone, but heavy enough to require the occasional strong gust to make a sound.

More art around the Nevin Welcome Center

“A Dança Da Natureza” (The Dance of Nature)

The two-story mural “A Dança Da Natureza” enlivens an exterior wall of the Nevin Welcome Center.

Yarb Woman

This sculpture represents women who are knowledgeable about herbs and their uses, particularly those with medicinal properties.

Double Allium

The towering “Double Allium” sculpture stands 12 feet tall and sits along the walkway to the Nevin Welcome Center.