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Fall Creek and gorge are an integral part of the Cornell University Campus, and surrounding community. The gorge provides scenic views, recreation, trails, plant and wildlife habitat, hydroelectric power and a drinking water source for Cornell University and the nearby hamlet of Forest Home. The creek and gorge also provide research and teaching opportunities for Cornell University and other institutions.

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Fall Creek Gorge Trails

Enjoy Fall Creek at Creek Level on the Risley Trail and Horseshoe Falls Trail. The Rim Trail and pedestrian suspension bridge offer bird's eye views of the gorge. Find trail routes on the mobile-friendly website ithacatrails.org.

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Self-guided Tour

Explore the natural and cultural history of Cascadilla Gorge with a Google-driven map that provides images and information at various points of interest. Search for "Pocketsights Tour Guide" in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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A Landscape Shaped by Water

The waters of Fall Creek Gorge have carved through a deep rocky gorge with several large, dramatic falls, most notably Ithaca Falls and Triphammer Falls. 

How the Gorge was Formed

More about Fall Creek Gorge

Natural Heritage of Fall Creek Gorge

More about the gorge bedrock and what grows on the forested rim of the gorge.

A Recreational River

Fall Creek Gorge was designated a New York State Recreational River in 1990.

Gorge Safety

Please respect and use the gorges safely.

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