Houston and Grossman ponds, located in the heart of the arboretum, were created in the early 1980’s to add an aquatic ecosystem to our collections. This site provides a unique opportunity to view native aquatic plants and animals. A variety of wildlife flourishes in and around the ponds, including reptiles, amphibians, insects, fish and crustaceans as well as birds such as great blue herons, redwing blackbirds, black ducks, bank swallows, mallards, and cedar waxwings.

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The Cornell Class of 1964 Grove

Next to Houston Pond features classic examples of understory plants, such as fringe trees (Chionanthus virginicus), servicebery (Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Princess Diana'), and willowwood viburnum (Viburnum x rhytidophylloides 'Willowwood'), beneath a canopy of mature pin oaks.

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