This collection of hybrid oak trees shows how natural plant hybrids occur, and how desirable and adaptable horticultural specimens can be created artificially through breeding.

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Our Oak Collection

We provide many wild oak species, hybrids, and cultivars winter hardy in zone 5, available for developing new hybrids adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions, urban areas and new home construction sites. View a plant list to explore varieties of oaks and other taxa in Peterson Oak Grove.

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Collaborating for Conservation

This collection is is part of the American Public Gardens Association Plant Collections Network, which coordinates a continent-wide approach to plant germplasm preservation. As a steward of this collection, we provide germplasm, the living genetic resource of the plant such as seeds or tissues, used for taxonomic studies, evaluation, breeding and other research.

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Schnee Oak Collection

In addition to the Peterson Oak Grove, our Schnee Oak and Hickory Collection is home to many key species of oaks.

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