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Step into the shade

Sonja Skelly, director of education and communications, shares her love of this garden, and introduces some of her favorite plants within it.

Natural Area

Fall Creek’s Iconic Hemlock Gorge

Take a short tour of Fall Creek’s Hemlock Gorge, with gorge historian Dan McClure. Explore […]


The magic and wonder of herbs

Wander among the magical plants of the Robison Herb Garden through a digital collection and discover their beauty and significance.


Explore our plants from anywhere

The new Garden Explorer feature makes up-to-date plant records accessible online.


Connecting Plants and People

Join our Director for a virtual tour of our gardens, natural areas, and some ways we carry out our mission.

Cultural Connection

The Rose: “Queen of Flowers”

Explore an illustrative guided to discover why the rose is considered the “Queen of Flowers.”


The Waterfalls of Fall Creek

Dan McClure, gorge historian, takes you to a restricted area at the bottom of Fall Creek Gorge, where Devonian-age siltstone walls tower more than 100 feet above.


The Waterfalls of Fall Creek

Step into an area of Fall Creek gorge that is inaccessible to the public, and learn about the history of the waterfalls climbing up Fall Creek to the Cornell University campus.

Cultural Connection

Rhododendron: Beyond its beautiful bloom

From mid-May to mid-June, a main attraction at Cornell Botanic Gardens is the Bowers Rhododendron […]