Coreopsis lanceolata Asteraceae

Growth habit


Native distribution

Not Native to the Finger Lakes Region, Central & SE USA


Mundy Wildflower Garden, Pounder Vegetable Garden and Climate Change Garden

Source of plant

The Plantsmen


Perennial to 60cm. Stems erect or ascending, terete or somewhat angled, glabrous, branched, leafy towards base. Leaves to 15cm, glabrous or base ciliate, spathulate, linear, lanceolate-or oblaceolate-linear, usually entire, rarely dissected, petioles long, slender, upper leaves sessile. Capitula to 6 x 1.4cm; outer phyllaries 8-10, lanceolate or oblong-ovate, nearly glabrous or apex pubescent, inner lanceolate or oblong ovate; ray flowers c8, yellow; disc florets yellow. Spring-Summer.

USDA Hardiness Zone