Walkway through herb garden

The Robison York State Herb Garden, noted by a leading public garden director as the best-quality herb garden in the U.S., features more than 500 varieties of herbs and related plants that are used by humans for practical and enjoyable purposes, or have cultural significance. Situated on the playground of a former elementary school, this living library of herbs is cultivated to be beautiful and educational. Plants are arranged into 17 theme beds that highlight herbs, their uses, and their meaning in human cultures.

Theme beds include “Sacred Herbs,” which highlights plants associated with sacred rituals or having religious symbolism; “Herbs in Literature,” showcases plants chronicled in poetry, prose, drama, myth, and folklore. Other beds feature “Tea Herbs,” “Culinary Herbs,” “Medicinal Herbs,” and others.

Explore Herb Garden Theme Beds

Wander among these magical plants online through a digital collection and discover their beauty and significance.