By Sarah Fiorello

portrait of Karen WAshington

“Rise and Root Farm is a five-acre farm run cooperatively by four owners who are women, intergenerational, multi-racial and LGBTQ. The farm is rooted in social justice, and in the healing power of food and farming we work to build a more equitable food system.”

a variety of tomatoes

Karen Washington, an influential figure in the world of urban farming and activism, demonstrates the transformative power of urban agriculture, fostering sustainable food systems and empowering local communities. Through a number of multifaceted efforts and valuable resources, including Rise and Roots Farm, Black Urban Growers, and Farm School NYC, she supports past, present, and future Black farmers and communities in their pursuit of food justice.

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Colah B. Tawkin

Advocates for diversity within the world of horticulture, centering the past, present, and future of plants and Black culture.

Taylor Rae

Dedicated to preserving and honoring Black and Indigenous herbal traditions, fostering healing relationships between people and plants.

Ron Finley

An invaluable guide for communities seeking to reclaim food sovereignty, transcend structural barriers and be resilient and resourceful.