By Sarah Fiorello

Ron with lots of plants

“The Ron Finley Project is teaching communities how to transform food deserts into food sanctuaries, and teaching individuals how to regenerate their lands into creative business models. We envision and want to facilitate a world where gardening is gangsta!”

Ron Finley gardening

The Ron Finley Project provides an invaluable guide for global communities seeking to reclaim food sovereignty, transcend structural barriers and exemplifies how to be resilient and resourceful. Ron Finley, renowned as the Gangsta Gardener, passionately advocates for the transformative power of plant knowledge as a tool for liberation and social change. By emphasizing the significance of community and hands-on engagement, The Ron Finley Project inspires individuals to transform their ways of living and gain control over their food sources.

Visit the Ron Finley Project website or follow @ronfinleyproject and @ronfinleyHQ on Instagram.

Shereel Washington

Shereel serves diverse ethnic communities in promoting natural health care and wellness through plant medicine.

Colah B. Tawkin

Advocates for diversity within the world of horticulture, centering the past, present, and future of plants and Black culture.

Karen Washington

Karen supports past, present, and future Black farmers and communities in their pursuit of food justice.