By Sarah Fiorello

The following people gave between $5,000 and $9,999:

Peter Bleyler & Ruth Z. Bleyler
David A. Brittenham & Carolyn Summers
George L. Chapman
Suzanne Clary
Carol T. des Cognets
Murray A. Goldstone
William F. Gratz & Jay Bruno
Howard E. Greenberg & Joanne Burke Greenberg
Michael L. Harney & Brigitte G. Harney
Vincent L. Herman
Matt Hintsa
Pulkit Kashyap
Estate of Bertha A. Lewis
Stephan Loewentheil & Beth Farber
Christopher J. Nolan & Suzanne M. Nolan
Cleve H. Packer & S. Michelle Packer
Joanne Pirret & Richard M. Pirret
Richard F. Rideout & Clara W. Rideout
William Blanchard Rideout
J. Allen Smith & Katherine D. Smith
James W. Spencer & Dorothy Dye Spencer

Director’s Circle 2022

People who gave $10,000 or more

Cayuga Society 2022

The Cayuga Society honors friends and alumni who establish planned gifts to the university or provide for Cornell in their wills. 

Trillium 2022

People who gave $500–$999.