By Sarah Fiorello

Portrait of Amanda

“Rootwork Herbals is the love, work, and play of community herbalist amanda david. Rootwork Herbals has evolved organically over the years to include various projects within herbalism that seek to build mutually beneficial relationships between people, plants, and planet.”

hands working with plants

Through her expertise and passion, amanda david offers educational programs, communal garden beds, herbal remedies, and community initiatives that highlight the wisdom and cultural significance of traditional herbalism and environmental stewardship within the Black community. Her work not only fosters a deeper understanding of the healing properties of plants but also nurtures a sense of cultural pride and connection, empowering individuals to reclaim and celebrate their ancestral knowledge of herbal medicine and reciprocal relationships with nature.

Visit their website or follow @rootworkherbals on Instagram.

Candace Foster

Owner of Nu Spice catering, which fosters a deeper appreciation for the cultural significance and sustainability of our culinary traditions.

Dr. Nia Nunn

As the president of the board of directors, Dr. Nia Nunn is committed to uplifting and celebrating Black experiences and voices at Southside Community Center.

Dr. Jessica B. Harris

A distinguished culinary historian and author who delves into the rich tapestry of African American foodways and the enduring influence of enslaved Africans on American cuisine.