By Sarah Fiorello

Candice holding a Nu Spice sign

“Nu Spice is centered around bringing joy and happiness to the most important moments of our lives: family gatherings, community celebrations, and other times when gathering around a table strengthens our relationships and betters our lives.”

fresh fruit plate

Nu Spice’s mission highlights the vital connection between food and culture, emphasizing the role of communal celebrations and family gatherings in strengthening relationships and nurturing a sense of community. Their menu showcases the very plants featured within the exhibit, honoring the rich heritage and diverse flavors they represent. With their dedication to centering collective comfort, Nu Spice fosters a deeper appreciation for the cultural significance and sustainability of our culinary traditions.

Visit the Nu Spice website or follow @nuspicecatering on Instagram.

Christa Núñez

Dedicated to providing opportunity and support to families to celebrate joyous experiences in nature and preserving agricultural knowledge.

Dr. Jessica B. Harris

A distinguished culinary historian and author who delves into the rich tapestry of African American foodways and the enduring influence of enslaved Africans on American cuisine.

Dr. Nia Nunn

As the president of the board of directors, Dr. Nia Nunn is committed to uplifting and celebrating Black experiences and voices at Southside Community Center.