By Sarah Fiorello

portrait of Abra

“Abra Lee is a storyteller and author of the forthcoming book “Conquer the Soil”, which profiles 45 hidden figures of horticulture—the Black men and women whose accomplished careers in the plant world are little known or untold.”

black and white image of people working in a garden

Horticulturist Abra Lee recovers the lost folklore of Black garden history and celebrates the legacy of ancestors who laid the foundations for America’s horticultural landscape, especially Black women. By reviving forgotten stories, embracing ancestral knowledge, and fostering conversations around the cultural significance of plant relationships, she honors the resilience, creativity, and enduring legacy of enslaved Africans, reweaving their stories into the fabric of American gardening traditions.

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Chef Kuukua Yomekpe

At Asempe Kitchen, Chef Kuukua advocates for the preservation of traditional culinary practices that nourish both the body and the spirit.

Candace Foster

Owner of Nu Spice catering, which fosters a deeper appreciation for the cultural significance and sustainability of our culinary traditions.

amanda david

Amanda david offers programs that highlight the wisdom and cultural significance of traditional herbalism and environmental stewardship within the Black community.