By Sarah Fiorello

Chef Kuukua portrait

“Asempe Kitchen uses food to encourage dialogue and curiosity about each other. We use Culinary Experiences, Cooking Classes, and Food Demonstrations, catering and pop-ups to begin important conversations about how best to create a just world.”

four dishes filled with food

At Asempe Kitchen, Chef Kuukua advocates for the preservation of traditional culinary practices that nourish both the body and the spirit. Through plant-based recreations of traditional West African cuisine, she exemplifies the innovative history and adaptive nature of African diaspora food practices. Using significant ingredients like black eyed peas and transformative recipes like substituting American spinach for West African cocoyam (taro) Chef Kuukua fosters a sense of community that transcends boundaries and celebrates the interconnectedness of food, culture, and heritage.

Visit the Asempe Kitchen website or follow @asempe_kitchen on Instagram.

amanda david

Amanda david offers programs that highlight the wisdom and cultural significance of traditional herbalism and environmental stewardship within the Black community.

Dr. Nia Nunn

As the president of the board of directors, Dr. Nia Nunn is committed to uplifting and celebrating Black experiences and voices at Southside Community Center.

Candace Foster

Owner of Nu Spice catering, which fosters a deeper appreciation for the cultural significance and sustainability of our culinary traditions.